Sunday, 6 September 2015

Week 7 Highlights

Investigating a Mysterious Mixture - Science

Miss B gave us three different materials and in our labs we tasted each one.
Material A tasted bitter, material B tasted sweet and material C tasted sour.

We than mixed the materials to find which combination was the best.  
Most people liked mixing all three the most.

The mixture was good but we thought it could be made even better if we added a flavour!  But what?  We decided to investigate adding milo, orange and raspberry.

After another taste test, we found out that most people in Room 15 liked the raspberry flavoured mixture the most!  The orange flavoured mixture was the second favourite and only 2 people liked the milo flavoured mixture.

Have you guessed what the mixture was/is?  SHERBET!

YUMMO!  Tasty science!

Sports Activator 

Curious George Files
How does a light bulb work? Ask Charlie!

Discovery - it was an action packed afternoon!
Last week on friday we had Discovery. We made sherbet and had a lamb come to join us. We had out construction stuff, Crome books and ipads. It was so fun, the best day at school but no school is awesome every day. Reporter Lacey

Build It...

A Special Visitor...
On  Friday  my  pet  lamb  BlueBell  came  to  school.  some  kids  fed  her. Bluebell  wondered  around  the  classroom  and   kids  patted her. 
By  Samantha.

On Friday Samantha’s lamb BlueBell came to discovery.  She was cute and small.  She was wearing a nappy! Reporter Jasmine

Creating Our Favourite Sherbet...

Crome Books...

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