Thursday, 27 August 2015

Week 6 - Highlights

Milk Magic - Cool Science
In reading this week we read instructions about how to make 'Milk Magic'.  
It sparked our curiosity so we had to try it out and see what happens!

School Assembly
"We have finally finished our Koru art and it looks awesome!  We shared it in School Assembly today.  You should come and visit Room 15 and see our awesome art!"  Elisabeth

Our Favourite Parts of the Week...
"My favourite part of the week was making jelly and find out the science behind it."  Indy

"I liked doing the Milk Magic because it looked really cool".  Charlie

"I liked doing the jelly because we get to eat it and do the science behind it."  Jack

"My favourite part of the week was making jelly because we all got a turn at stirring and we all got some."  Lacey

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