Friday, 11 September 2015

Week 8 Highlights

Spring Bird Art - Inspired By Dali
Author: Elisabeth

 Last night I had a mysteriously funny dream!  I dreamt I was a flexible bird but when I looked down, WOW!  I had giant legs.  I screamed as loud as I could but just then I went backwards and landed in a bridge.  “Wow,” I said.  “Now I can do a backbend but wait there’s more!  I went sideways in the air then landed it.  I said “now I can do a circle.”  The End.

Swap the Squiggle Writing
Author & Illustrator: Charlie

“Hissss.” Hello there I am the slithery snake from the jungle. I was going to catch a gecko for my lunch. Be very quiet. "Wow" I said, "a talking snake!" “Be quiet! I stood there amazed. I watched the snake open its mouth and… ate it in one bite! “That was amazing" I said. "Thankss" the snake said “my name is Snakey. Snakey and I became good friends and then I had to go home and Snakey went back to its family. The end

We Won the Shield in School Assembly!

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