Thursday, 23 July 2015

Week 1 - Term 3

What a fantastic start to the term!  
Here are some of our favourite moments from the week.

Challenge = Free the Jelly Baby!
To start our new science topic - Observing and recording Change, we had to think of a way to separate the jelly baby from the 'material' it was stuck in.

We observed that the jelly baby was stuck in the middle of an ice cube.  To free the jelly baby  we decided to try and melt the ice using the heat from our hands or the the heater 
from the heaters around the room.

Success!  Our idea work!  Heat energy melted the ice!


We then became curious and started asking lots of questions:

What is ice?
How did the heat melt the ice?
Is ice and water the same thing?
If water is a liquid, what is ice?

Just for fun Miss B gave as an Aspro Clear to put in our bags with the melted ice.

We observed fizzing and the bag got bigger like blowing up a balloon!  We inferred that some kind of gas was being made when the water and the Aspro Clear mixed.

Sports Activator - Football!


The Tea Bag Experiment!
We observed an experiment and then used our senses as to write a Moment In Time.

The Flying Tea Bag

I heard the peculiar hiss of the flame as it burnt the tea bag.
As the flame finished burning I saw it fly up!
I felt excited and very surprised.
I wonder how high it will go?
I think it went up because it was just like how a hot air balloon, 
like when the flame goes up and the balloon goes up.

By Emmy

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  1. Hi Room 15, I'm Miss B's friend and a teacher in Invercargill at Otatara School. We love science in Room 6! I would love to try Free the Ice Baby and The Flying Tea Bag with my class... perhaps I will!