Friday, 19 February 2016

Week 3 Highlights

"I really enjoyed publishing my Who Am I?"

Phone A Friend
Need a buddy to help you study?  Why not phone a friend!

"Discovery was so much fun today.  We could build things, work on Wiki the Upcycled Minion, explore the blog, write stories and make stuff."

Inquiry - Puppets
"Our Inquiry Topic this term is Puppets!  
We are really excited to play with some, find out about different 
types and make our own! "

Did you know that 'Inquiry' means to find out about something and/or to ask questions!

Word On the Street: 
What did you enjoy the most this week?

Amelia: "The Lemonade and ice cream spider!"

Jordan:  "Sketching Kev."

Dawson:  "I liked learning kicks at lunchtime."

Kaitlyn:  "I liked the songs we sung at school singing."

Kaylea & Lucas:  "We really liked publishing our Chameleon Writing."

Tui:  "I liked learning new things about people during Me Bag News."

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