Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Week 4 HIghlights

Our Trip to the Green Island Landfill

First we completed a Scavenger Hunt around the Upcycle garden.  
We saw some very interesting things..

Then Jennie gave us a tour around the different recycling parts at the tip.

To finish we got back on the bus and drive up to look at the actually landfill, this is where all kerbside rubbish goes that can not be recycled.  It was stinky!

If we keep throwing out our rubbish at the same rate we will fill the landfill within 10 years.  That means Dunedin would need to make another one.  Would you like to live next door to a landfill?

This is what the landfill looks like when it is full and ready to be reused as a park or a golf course for example.

Middle Syndicates Got Talent!
Check out these superstars from Room15...

Filmed by Emmy

Filmed by Miss B

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